If you have a question about a specific recipe please leave a comment on that page.  However, please do take care to read previous comments and see if that question has already been answered.

Can I substitute this for that?
I’m a strong advocate of trying new things. That being said, I also feel that with risks may come disappointment. I am certainly not a pro when it comes to substituting, I tend to do it a lot anyway — when in doubt, google it.
What went wrong?
Once in a while, I get distracted in the kitchen and I’m sure some of you do too and the recipe turns out great! Other times I am absolutely sure that I followed a recipe to the letter and it turns out to be a total flop.
So if you ask me what went wrong, I will likely not know more than you. I still encourage you to ask your question by commenting on the post, maybe someone else might’ve had the same outcome and figured out what went wrong.
Weighing vs Measuring
This is something I learned the hard way. Sometimes you need to take out your scale for certain ingredients. It really does change the outcome. I will mention it in the post.
Can you review our product?
I am always happy to try new things. Please note that I will only give positive reviews for products that I actually like. No negative reviews will be given. If you send me a product to review, I will not return it. I might keep it or throw a give-away on this site. Please contact me to work out the details.