Salt Dough

salt dough
February 13th, 2015

Ok, this one isn’t really a food recipe but it is made with edible ingredients so that counts right?

My 3 and a half year old is a huge fan of Play-doh but his little brother only wants to eat it. I know it’s not toxic but it’s starting to be an expensive and honestly disgusting snack. Salt dough is perfect because it mostly tastes like salt which is really gross, right? My plan worked, Félix is not interested at all in eating it. Yay!


I tripled this particular recipe because I wanted to make at least 3 different colours.  

Salt Dough


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Optional:  food colouring
  • Optional:a few tablespoons of cinnamon for perfect Christmas tree decorations


  1. Mix flour, salt, water and food colouring together.
  2. Keep into an airtight container or bag until ready to use.
  3. If it’s too sticky, add a bit of flour.
  4. Let air dry on parchment or wax paper.


Of course we all had to wear black before. It just added to the fun :)salt doughmc2

Do you want to build a snow man?salt doughmc3


Admiring our beautiful work, we poked holes on the top to string them up
salt doughmc4

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