Printable Cleaning Schedule

September 13th, 2013

This might look a little bit OCD for most people but it has become an absolute necessity for me.

In late July we moved from our small apartment to a 3 level house. I love it but there’s a lot of upkeep to be done now. Honestly, I had problems keeping up with the apartment and this house deserves so much better than that. The problem is that I don’t want to spend a full weekend day to catch up on the chores so I designed this plan instead. With no more than 3 short tasks a day it seems to work like magic.

Obviously, you need to be at a starting point where the house is clean or it won’t work as well. It was easy for me since I had just moved in and needed to clean everything anyway.

I’ve included my own schedule and a blank one as well. I’m sure my schedule won’t work for most people.
What you can do to save paper is either laminate it (if you have access to a laminator) or frame it under a glass. Then when you’ve done a task, take a dry-erase marker and check that box.

The printable files are both in .pdf format and are 8.5×11. Download them here.

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