No bake Nutella Cheesecake

Easiest dessert ever!
September 9th, 2013

Claremanson is holding a Baking Contest right now and it looked like the perfect opportunity for me to get out of my no-posting rut.
The contest is to re-create her Cool Mint Oreo Cheesecakes but since mint oreos are not available here I bought regular ones. A few days later I noticed that my husband had eaten the last of the cookies (oops!) so I went out and bought oreo baking crumbs instead.

The verrine on the right has a layer of strawberry jam on top of the oreo crust but I think I prefer it without the jam.
The second layer is a mix of Nutella, cream cheese and whipped cream. The top layer is a vanilla Chantilly cream.
I did not measure anything but it should be easy enough to replicate. Sorry, no recipe this time but you can check out Clare’s original one here

Sidenote: I had so much trouble photographing this but I made it! (I lost my camera in the move, then the batteries were dead, then by the time it was charged the natural light was horrible and then realized after eating them that I had set the camera to the wrong settings so it’s actually a miracle that I made it hahaha!)

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