Printable lists

August 19th, 2012

I have not had much chance or time to bake and cook properly lately. It got me thinking that I needed to better organize myself, so I came up with these tools for myself (which I share with you guys if you are interested in such OCD things).

Download the .zip file here (686 kb)

It contains two (8.5 x 11) .pdf printable files

  1. Weekly menu and grocery list
  2. Freezer inventory list.

I am really hoping that they will be useful to get me organized and eat better. I have a freezer packed with things and I don’t really know what’s in there at all so instead of using what I already have, I keep buying food and freezing it. That list should help with that, I think?

My next project is to make labels for containers/bags that will go in the freezer. It’s really hard to tell the difference between tomato sauce and strawberry purée without proper labelling.

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